Hi, I’m Harshil 👋🏽

I’m an iOS engineer living in Mumbai, India, and working at Riff. I also make a Mac app, Pause.

You can follow me on Twitter, view my code on GitHub, and read my blog.

Feel free to email me or read more about me.

Recent Posts

  1. Adventures in Orienting Images on iOS

    A great thing about working with software is that despite it being a relatively young industry, there’s a staggering number of near-perfect abstractions we get to build upon. If you want to open a…

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  2. Solving Advent of Code 2021 in Swift

    Every year since 2018, I’ve been taking part in Advent of Code. For those unfamiliar, it's an advent calendar where every day from December 1 to Christmas, instead of a tiny gift, you get to solve a…

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  3. Recreating the macOS Genie Effect

    A few weeks ago I released Pause, a Mac app that I made to remind myself to take breaks periodically. If you’ve used the app, you know there just isn’t much UI in there. But I wanted to have one…

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