Hi, I’m Harshil 👋🏽

I’m an iOS engineer living in Mumbai, India, and working at Riff.

You can follow me on Twitter, view my code on GitHub, and read my blog.

I also make a Mac app, Pause.

Recent Posts

  1. Recreating the macOS Genie Effect

    A few weeks ago I released Pause, a Mac app that I made to remind myself to take breaks periodically. If you’ve used the app, you know there just isn’t much UI in there. But I wanted to have one…

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  2. Introducing Pause

    If you work in tech, sitting at a desk typing away at a computer all day, you’re aware of the looming spectre of RSI. I’m also personally extremely worried about eye strain. Before Retina screens were…

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  3. Wrangling Time

    The overarching theme of what I write about on this website is things that I used to once hate, then understood, and now continue to hate but for different reasons. And there’s no topic that fits the…

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