Hi, I’m Harshil 👋🏽

I’m an iOS developer living in Mumbai, India, and working at Stopwatch.

You can follow me on Twitter, view my code on GitHub, and read my blog.

I’m currently not seeking any work opportunities, but you can view my résumé and email me.

Recent Posts

  1. Dynamic Wallpapers in macOS Catalina

    To go with dark mode, macOS Mojave introduced a feature called “dynamic wallpapers”. Once enabled, a dynamic wallpaper would cycle between a number of related images, showing one that was appropriate…

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  2. Updating UI for iPhone X

    The safe area API introduced at WWDC 2017 seemed at the time like a lot of work to accommodate the status bar, so I happily ignored it right until the introduction of iPhone X with its notch (ahem…

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